Welcome to Bates Farms & Dairy

We are very proud to say that we have been providing fresh milk & dairy products for over 80 years. Bates are a family business,  we know our milk & cream inside and out, from cow to carton.

Find Out About Our Farm And History

Our dairy farm is still located in the same place it was founded back in 1939. We have been processing and delivering milk from Stamford Road in Birkdale, Southport ever since. Over the years our dairy has changed and grown quite a bit, but we still maintain the family traditions and work ethos that has helped the business grow to where it is today.

Fresh & Local Products

Daily Deliveries

Delicious Dairy Produce

Bates Support Local Farmers

Always a fresh approach to processing milk

Three generations of the Bates Family are actively engaged in managing the farm, products and suppliers on a daily basis. Ensuring you receive the freshest milk delivered straight to your door. 

Our Dairy Products


Locally produced fresh milk in whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed


We source smooth textured, full bodied cheese with clean, creamy flavours


Pale yellow butter with a subtle, creamy aroma and fresh mouth-watering taste


Produced fresh every day, our cream is ideal for pouring, whipping & cooking

The freshest milk, pasteurised and bottled daily

Three tankers of raw milk sourced from local farms across Merseyside, Lancashire, and the Wirral arrive at our dairy processing site every single day, where we pasteurise and bottle the milk before sending it back out across the North West and into your glasses, bowls, and cups of tea!

Bates Doorstep Deliveries

As one of the last remaining family run dairies in the region, we pride ourselves on the quality of our produce, the efficiency of our delivery service and as always, the freshness of our milk!

As well as our Bates iconic, classic milk floats, our friendly milkmen are very well known throughout the local community and provide a valued service to customers of all type.

Wholesale Dairy Supplier

If you own or are operating a professional catering establishment, you’re going to need a good dairy supplier. We can cater for all types and sizes of business, and understand the need for a close working relationship at all times.

Whether you need just milk, cream, or the full range of other products we can offer, give us a call to see how we can help.

Supporting Local Farmers

Since Bates Dairy was established nearly 80 years ago, we have always believed in working closely with local dairy farmers and ensuring the future of the dairy trade remains strong. We have always believed in paying the farmers a fair price for their milk to maintain a good working relationship for many years to come, and operate to an ethos of sustainability.

Delivering Milk in Southport

Bates deliver fresh dairy produce, direct to private customers doorsteps in Southport, as well as supplying many of the town’s businesses, cafes, hotels and restaurants. We also deliver to many businesses across the region along with supplying produce to some of the area’s smaller dairies.